Our Mission

Our courses are popular and respected. We have undertaken training at individual and corporate levels for nearly all of the major pharmaceutical companies in Europe and many overseas; we have recently trained investigators in Western Europe, Slovakia, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Greece and most recently in Brazil.

We believe that our training has been effective over the years; indeed, many of those who have participated in our fundamentals courses now hold senior positions in the pharmaceutical industry, academic units and Departments of Health.

Our courses offer a mix of formal presentations and learning by involvement. We try to make every course enjoyable for participants.

We address the need to offer training followed by formal testing. It is insufficient for participants to simply attend a course - GCP requires staff to be properly trained to perform their duties and this can only be confirmed by testing their knowledge and abilities.

Regulatory authority GCP inspectors frequently find deficiencies in the training of sponsor and investigator personnel. The Academy's training/examination/certification system is a useful training tool and provides documentary evidence of proper training.

Members of an independent Faculty Board act as course advisors and examiners. The Faculty Board, which consists of senior research personnel based in the healthcare industry and academics, acts as an awards validation committee to ensure that standards of certification by the Academy are maintained and can be relied upon.

The Academy's training programmes are designed and overseen by Professor David Hutchinson (Academic Dean) who is also involved in a teaching capacity. Our teachers (see Teaching Faculty) are experts in the field, experienced, friendly and approachable.

Certification from the Academy is an assurance of satisfactory training and an assessment of knowledge and understanding. Certification is not provided unless adequate training is also provided by the Academy.

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